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Pure Hair partners with Bio Sculpture

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Originating in South Africa, where their head office is currently situated, Bio Sculpture was was founded and created in 1988 by Elmien Scholtz, a cosmetic science graduate, who had a vision to create a nail care product that not only looked beautiful but was long lasting, natural looking, durable and enhanced the natural nail. Today, Bio Sculpture is available in over 30 countries and the demand for the product continues to soar. The primary branded products are manufactured in-house and research and development remains a key focus within the Company. Their Evo Gel is manufactured and bottled by award winning Bio Sculpture chemists. It is long lasting with a high gloss mirror shine, infused with Vitamin A & E and contains densely rich cosmetic safe pigments. There are 3 multi-functional bases which protect, build and enhance nails. Each gel is 100% vegan-friendly, making them perfect for Pure Hair's environmentally conscious customers.

Bio Sculpture is the only nail system in the world that has undergone extensive toxicological and clinical research studies for which Bio Sculpture Gel was awarded a Five Star Safety Rating by Parexel International. Their products do not include harmful chemicals typically found in most nail products such as acetone, toluene and formaldehyde. All of which are skin, eye and respiratory irritants and can also be linked to some forms of cancer. They're also a brand that supports and cares about the environment. The rooftop of their headquarters in sunny South Africa is outfitted with 228 solar panels. By the time they open at 8am, enough solar power has been generated to run their facility for the entire day! Solar power generation is tracked daily in 6 week cycles. Through their solar power generation in the past six weeks, the Bio Sculpture facility saved 8.32 tonnes of coal and had a reduction in CO2 emissions of 20.75 tonnes. That is equivalent to planting 1134 trees! It has always been Pure Hair Design Studio Inc's mission to provide a healthier and environmentally conscious alternative to hair, body and nail care and we're so happy that Bio Sculpture remains steadfast in standing by that mission as well. We are happy to be part of their family and welcome them warmly into our Aesthetic Centre.

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